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RealCare Customer Support

Convergys understands the need to protect your investment through long term technical support that is accessible, responsive, and effective.

RealCare is Convergys' highly regarded post-sales technical support operation with support teams located in Manchester, England; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dallas, Texas and Mountain View, California. Staffed by a team of industry-leading Support Engineers, RealCare offers comprehensive hardware and software support services that span 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Providing you with immediate product expertise, technical support, troubleshooting, and problem resolution.

RealCare's Application Support serves as a reference service to assist customers with implementing applications and answer your general questions about InVision Studio and other proprietary tools and products.

  • Customer Self-Service Portal - As a service to RealCare customers the self-service portal is a resource which includes online ticketing, technical documentation & knowledge base.
  • Contact RealCare - Call RealCare North America at 800-955-4688 or email Click on the hidden tab below the Edify Support tab for a directory of RealCare support and related services.
  • Operating System Security and Virus (PDF) - This document provides information regarding Microsoft® operating system patches, hot-fixes, and security patches. 
  • Convergys Learning Center - Learn from the experts. Visit our training site for course information and schedule.
  • Per Incident Billing - Click on the hidden tab below the Overview tab to learn about RealCare support for non-remedial incidents.

Edify Support

Edify Product Customer Support

The Edify Product Support Web Site is designated to provide assistance with your Edify products. Its purpose is to help customers with technical solutions for Edify products. A current maintenance contract is required to obtain access to some areas of this web site.

  • Contact Edify Product Support - Find information on how to open a case, request an upgrade to an existing product, or suggest a feature enhancement.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Click here for the Top Technical Tips you should know to be successful with your Edify solution.
  • Edify Support Handbook* - This book explains support plans, problem reporting procedures, escalation, etc for your Edify product. View Document.
  • Edify Product Documentation * - This page provides the latest product documentation and field notes as well as archives of documentation from previous releases. Search Documents (login required)
  • Edify Product Patches* - A patch can be an upgrade (adding increased features), a bug fix, a new hardware driver or an update to address new issues such as security. Most patches are free. A patch can only be applied to the product version indicated in its instructions and on this web site. Typically, a patch can be installed on top of an existing program, but again this will depend on the nature of the patch. Remember to read the instructions before installing a patch. View Patches Here*.
  • Tested Configurations - The tested configuration pages are designed to help customers and partners understand available configurations and applications. Applications using the Edify products can be demanding in terms of connectivity to database servers and host computers; these pages describe the configurations that have been tested with each new software release. A configuration not listed here may still work--for example, it may work well only for certain applications--so check with Sales or Edify Product Support to discuss the specifics of your application. (It is usually worthwhile to check with us while planning a significant configuration change because often we can anticipate challenges you might meet.)
  • Edify Product Upgrade Request - To Upgrade your EVIP series, please follow these instructions.
  • Edify Product Knowledgebase - The Edify Knowledge Base describes known problems with each release. Note that each list is cumulative and includes all problems open on a release. (Some were opened on earlier releases, but are still open).
  • Edify Product Training - Learn from the experts. Visit our training web site for course information and schedules.

* NOTE: Edify Software Downloads and Technical Product documentation is available only to customers who purchased their Edify products directly from Edify or Intervoice, and requires a user account. If you have purchased your Edify product through a reseller, please contact your authorized reseller for assistance with patches and other updates.


Intervoice License

Intervoice Product License Website

Welcome to the Intervoice License Website. The purpose of this site is to activate Intervoice software licenses purchased from Intervoice.

If Intervoice provided integration services for your solution, you will not need to activate your license(s). This would have been done as part of our integration services.

If you’ve purchased software only and plan to integrate your Intervoice solution yourself or with the help of a third party, you will need to use this site to activate your software license(s).

Once you’ve installed your software, follow the instructions outlined in the Intervoice Technical document # 60001148 (Intervoice Soft License Users Guide). This will guide you through the necessary steps for setting up your license(s). This guide also contains contact information if you need assistance using this site. 

Intervoice License Manager.

Remote Monitoring

RealCare Remote Monitoring

RealCare Customer Support

Convergys has partnered with Integrated Research to create RealCareRemote and RealCare StressTesting. These cost-effective and easily implemented services provide peace of mind by proactively evaluating system readiness to identify current or potential problems before they severely disrupt our clients' businesses. 

RealCareRemote and StressTesting prove the end-to-end capability of the call automation environment by placing test calls through the public telephone network to simulate a typical customer making actual telephone calls. Inputs can be either touch-tone or voice.

Stress Testing

StressTesting is most often utilized by our clients as part of a new system implementation or after a major modification to a system application. Menu choices, account number entries, and other inputs are made in response to system prompts. Response times are measured and stored for each test call. Total call volume depends on the number of available system ports, but averages in the thousands, to help observe how the system handles peak traffic loads. The final test report provides a complete view of the system's performance and includes example .wav files of test calls so the client can hear what actually occurred during the test.

RealCare Remote

RealCareRemote is structured to test the client's system as frequently as required to verify its constant availability—once or several times an hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a system error is encountered during a test call, RealCareRemote services capture relevant information and identify the error condition. Clients receive error notifications via telephone call, numeric page, email, or a combination of these methods. Weekly reports provide a graphical summary of all test calls, including an analysis of system availability, a detailed description of any error conditions encountered, and associated error notifications. These reports help the client track, measure, and evaluate the general performance and availability of their system and identify problem trends. The fact that nearly 100% of our RealCareRemote clients renew this service each year says much about the value of this program.

Our enhanced network and voice-enabled products are a necessity for our clients to meet the information demands of their customer base. Our clients want any system down-time to be substantially eliminated, with current or potential problems identified expeditiously. RealCareRemote and StressTesting play a significant role in meeting that expectation. 

Learn More


Per Incident Billing

RealCare Support for Non-Remedial Incidents

The Convergys RealCare team realizes that issues sometimes arise where you need assistance that goes beyond the scope of your RealCare contract. In fact, a recent analysis shows that roughly 60% of our calls fall into this category, and a significant amount of time is spent resolving these issues. To ensure that we can continue to provide support for these non-remedial incidents without increasing the cost of annual maintenance for all RealCare clients, we are introducing a program called Per-Incident Billing. This program, offered to all clients who have a valid maintenance contract, will allow our engineers to assist with these types of issues while continuing to offer the timely, high-quality responsiveness all of our clients deserve.

Non-Remedial incidents will be billed at $1,000 per incident, regardless of effort. Our engineers will continue to work with you in a consulting capacity for the duration of the incident. Incidents may be purchased individually as needed, or in a pre-paid block of 12 at a discounted rate.

For information regarding block purchase, contact your Inside Sales Account Manager or request a quotation by sending an email to

The following list shows a few examples of remedial and non-remedial incidents; it is not intended to be all-inclusive, and more examples may be added as warranted:


  • Hardware issues in Convergys supplied server
  • Convergys Application faults
  • Core software bugs


  • Hardware issues on customer supplied servers
  • Customer written/modified application faults
  • Restoring hard drive without backup
  • Diagnosing 3rd party products or services
  • Network issues
  • Telephony issues
  • Changes to network or telephony environment
  • Running or interpreting reports
  • Running or interpreting network traces
  • Conference calls with 3rd party vendors
  • Update to non-CVG software (windows, java etc)
  • Installation of Certificates
  • Policy Updates
  • Running or interpreting Security Scans



RealCare Contact Information

Intervoice IVR & Intervoice Telco

  • North America, 800 955 4688
  • Latin America, 972 454 8130
  • International, 44 161 495 1234

Edify EVIP

  • Americas, 800 723 3439
  • International, 44 161 495 1234

Application Help Desk

The Applicaiton Help Desk serves as a reference service answering customer questions relating to application development, specifications, installations and use of InVision Studio, Interaction Composer and other Intervoice proprietary tools. Assistance to customers with implementing applications is limited to customers who have attended either Hardware or Invision Training at Intervoice and maintain n active RealCare Preferred or Premium Support Contract. Services are available on a first come first served basis from 8am to 5pm CST. Intervoice IVR only: 800 955 4688.

Application Modifications

  • Americas, 972 454 8890
  • International, 44 161 495 1234

Message Recording

  • 972 454 8851




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