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Call Completion fit for the Digital World

Today we live in an multichannel world, where we can all choose how we connect and interact, whether it is via voicemail, e-mail, or through a favourite social media app.

Our omnichannel call completion solution provides multichannel next generation services for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) as either a full set of applications or as individual components.

Our call completion solution offers:

  • Missed Call Alert - a text notification service of missed calls. This service can stimulation call completion for subscribers that do not have a voice recording service provided.
  • Notify Me - a text notification service that alerts a caller when a previously unavailable called-party becomes available.
  • VoiceSMS - direct message service that allows voice messages to be recorded and sent to recipients.
  • Call Alert Plus – a voicemail lite solution using Missed Call Alert with the option given to a caller to send a voice message through VoiceSMS.
  • Voicemail - offers subscribers the maximum in voicemail experience. A feature-rich application that offers subscribers many options such as, personalised greetings and longer message retention time. 
  • Visual Voicemail - voicemail delivery direct to smartphone handset clients.
  • Voicemail Router - providing a very lightweight recording application that forwards a message to a called-party’s desired destination, such as, an external e-mail server, cloud storage, social media or a fully featured voicemail service.

Introducing VMLiTE

CSPs must have a digital engagement strategy that acknowledges the shift to an omnichannel market. While at the same time seeing revenues eroded by Over-The-Top (OTT) providers and investing in Long-Term Evolution (LTE) rollout programs. That's why Convergys has launched VMLiTE, an exciting new call completion solution that meets today's market requirements.

Our VMLiTE solution has the following benefits:

  • Designed around the concept of a message "router" - VMLiTE supports a wealth of message delivery and notification plug-ins. These range from traditional notification methods, such as SMS through to smartphone visual voicemail clients (both handset-supplied and custom apps) and integrations with social media and cloud storage.
  • A fully virtualised, software solution - combined with per transaction rather than per mailbox licencing, VMLiTE is much more cost-effective than traditional voicemail solutions. With high-definition voice and video support, VMLiTE is fully compatible with the latest handsets and LTE service deployments.
  • Unprecedented range of options - combined with agility and flexibility of virtualisation, VMLiTE enables Communication Service Providers to offer call completion services to all of its customers in a
    cost-effective manner.
  • Flexibility and reliability - highly scalable, supporting unique intra-site and geo-redundant resilience to give peace of mind to the most stringent of CSPs.

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