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Bring a Better Customer Journey to Life

How do you motivate your customers to remain loyal and become fans? How can you stimulate them to tell their family and friends of the wonderful products/services you provide and why you are the perfect choice? 

The best way to achieve these goals is through personalised interactions! Whether your focus is on effective marketing automation or customer experience management, Convergys Real-time Campaign Management provides the capabilities to maintain and build a customer relationship. Communicating personalized and relevant information and offers is the most effective way to build a better customer experience that drives customer loyalty, advocacy, usage and increases wallet share. 

Our Real-time Campaign Management helps grow customer loyalty and revenue by following four concepts:

  • Stimulate - engage your customers to encourage, educate and motivate them to get the most benefit from the products and services that you provide.
  • Interact in Real-time - respond to your customers insights appropriately and immediately to establish a two-way dialogue. Enable your customers to make the most of what you are offering 'right now.' and to help you to understand their CURRENT needs and aspirations.
  • Contextualise - make every interaction responsive, relevant and timely through personalisation, profiling, segmentation and rich context. Use a customer's behaviour, intent, aspirations, language and channel preferences, and interaction history to simplify every interaction and allow them to act when they are ready.
  • Nurture - build the relationship along the customer's journey. Relevant, timely and personalised interactions help to improve customer satisfaction. Every interaction on their journey is an opportunity to build a valued relationship.

Convergys has proven success with some of the largest Communication Service Providers in the world, reaching out to hundreds of millions of customers.

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