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Real-time control, rating, and charging for next generation services

Technology Capability

Grow Revenue with Next Generation Online Charging 

The Convergys Online Charging Solution has all of the rating and charging functionality needed for current and next generation networks catering for voice, video, data, and text messaging.

Additional on-board event and content rating, along with extensible Open APIs, provide a future-proof charging solution ready for emerging online, Machine-2-Machine, and Internet of Things applications.

Our Online Charging Solution delivers:

  • Multiple services - provides a complete solution by corporating rating and charging, account balance management, voucher management, electronic recharge, and customer management functionality.
  • Fully virtualized - ready for installation to a private cloud infrastructure or on dedicated hardware providing a cost-effective, scalable configuration ideal for new start-ups and established Communication Service Providers.
  • More than just prepaid - as networks and services evolve, the need for real-time credit control for post-paid customers is just as important. Our solution can be deployed in configurations that enhance an existing post-paid system's capabilities to take advantage of new technologies while avoiding a costly and disruptive swap out of your billing platform.
  • Feature-rich platform - offering superior self-care, bundling, data monetisation, and a wealth of recharge and payment options.
  • Pedigree - Convergys has been developing and installing online charging solutions for over 20 years. We have the technology and experience to meet the demands of all types of service providers.

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