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Regulatory Compliance & Fraud Protection

Just keeping up with changing regulations and evolving fraudulent methods can be a full-time job, let alone figuring out how to implement the changes effectively into your operations.

The Challenge

Maintaining Compliance and Security Is a Must

From increasing regulatory changes to greater fraud threats, the contact center is becoming ground zero for regulatory compliance and fraud detection/protection. Mitigating the risk of noncompliance and fraud is now a major component of the customer service mandate in industries such as financial services and healthcare.

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We’re Serious about Compliance and Fraud Protection

Experts at helping you reduce the risk of fraud and noncompliance, Convergys can design, deliver, and optimize excellent customer experiences that are compliant with the regulations impacting your industry. HIPAA woes keeping you awake at night? We’ve helped scores of clients improve compliance accuracy, reduce customer effort, and lower average handle time with streamlined HIPAA verification.

You won’t find another provider with the level of investment and commitment Convergys has dedicated to helping our clients comply with relevant regulations. We even maintain an independent compliance department separate from our operations and reporting directly to Convergys’ chief legal officer.

We also embrace a culture of vigilance in best practice cybersecurity standards, partnering with you to maintain data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. With Convergys, you can feel confident and reassured your data is actively being protected.



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