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If delivering a consistently low-effort experience were easy, every company would do it. Solving your customer experience challenges gives your company a significant competitive differentiator while helping you attract and retain more customers.

The Challenge

Optimize the Experience

Your organization needs to deliver an optimal customer experience at each and every service or sales touchpoint, building a relationship with the customer that nurtures loyalty and spurs revenue growth. The reality is that it can be a nearly impossible goal for companies that don’t have the right technology, operational insight, locations, or first-hand knowledge of industry best practices that help reduce customer effort and optimize the customer journey.

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Successful Journeys Begin with Convergys

Convergys eliminates the hurdles and stumbling blocks contact centers face to enable an effortless experience throughout the customer journey. We use our unique visibility into the entire customer journey to design and deliver the optimal customer experience for your brand, tracking and measuring throughout our engagement to provide continuous improvement.

Our Convergys Global Operating Model is a proprietary framework of principles, practices, and tools that enables the ongoing high performance of customer services we provide as part of your customers’ journey. We combine this model with our proprietary Convergys analytics programs and omnichannel technology to help you achieve your customer experience goals, be it a higher Net Promoter Score, better first contact resolution, reduced customer effort, or other key business metrics.


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