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Robotic Process Automation

Automate routine tasks to reduce effort, eliminate errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

The Capability

Reimagine Services and Processes

Behind the scenes, your company completes thousands of basic, time-consuming tasks that are necessary, but often don’t require a lot of independent decision-making to complete.

With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), software “robots” can quickly automate front and back office processes, enabling you to get more done faster and with fewer errors—all without the need to replace or update existing systems.

RPA can reduce your effort to complete tasks like:

  • Basic form filling and data entry, rekeying data, or moving files from one system to another
  • Navigating through databases and systems to access, manipulate, and update information
  • Validating account info, consolidating reports, basic troubleshooting, and more

You can use RPA to streamline tasks across customer care, support, and even sales. Whether it’s retrieving records to answer a customer’s billing question, verifying caller identity, or providing a status update via email or SMS—all can be automated—saving you time and effort, reducing fraud risk, and, most importantly, improving the customer experience.

As a leading provider of RPA, Convergys designs and manages solutions for many of the world’s top brands, automating hundreds of front and back office processes that are handling millions of tasks annually. Whether your operations are large or small, Convergys can quickly help you identify areas where RPA can take over, increase efficiency, and enable you to focus on higher value business needs and customer relationships.

RPA in Action

Convergys RPA supports a wide range of use cases and applications. Each solution is purpose-built to work with your existing systems according to your business needs and requirements. RPA applications include:

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