Client Solutions

Personalized Selling

Help your customers get the most value from their purchases by using what you know about them to make relevant, timely offers.

Empower Your Agents to Become Trusted Advisors

Give your agents the real-time insight and guidance they need to make the right offer at the right time and convert more calls into sales.

Understand Your Customers' Needs and Behaviors

Powered by our Real-Time Policy Engine, Convergys Personalized Selling delivers:

  • Proactive and personalized offers—leverages real-time data, including agent skills, customer value, offer history, and interaction data
  • Guided objection handling—puts features, benefits and talking points at the agent's fingertips
  • Sales performance tracking—helps agents and managers see how they are doing; delivers insights to guide staffing, coaching, and business decisions
  • Predictive sales models—optimize the sales process with best offer, sales approach, and talking points

Our Personalized Selling solution is flexible, configurable, and offers several deployment models, including: hosted services, on-premises implementations, or on-demand using cloud-based services.


  • Drives more revenue from your existing customer base while maintaining support and service quality and performance
  • Improves conversions on cross-sell and upsell offers
  • Enables you to monitor and improve agent performance
  • Maximizes return on your customer interactions
  • Helps you maintain strong customer relationships 

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