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Knowledge Management

Empower your agents and customers with a definitive, centralized knowledge source for consistent, accurate information across all service channels.

Eliminate Barriers to Sharing & Reusing Information

Our Knowledge Management solution delivers consistent, accurate responses across all channels, including self-service.

Lay a Solid Foundation for Omnichannel Success

In our information-driven world, it's difficult for agents and customers to quickly locate the right information to resolve issues. Too many sources and formats scattered across the enterprise lead to frustration, longer handle times, and inconsistent or incomplete information.

Convergys Knowledge Management offers:

  • Extensive set of search methods—makes it fast and easy for agents and customers to locate the right information with keyword, intent-based, and natural language search, as well as topic-specific browsing
  • Federated search—provides centralized access to all information sources, including knowledge bases, websites, and other repositories
  • Rich knowledge portal functionality—allows you to customize and share knowledgebase information with customers in self-service channels
  • Seamless, multichannel integration—delivers accurate, consistent information, regardless of channel, including self-service, chat, email, and phone
  • Content authoring console and approval workflows—let you easily create, share, and publish content to enable knowledge-powered customer experiences
  • Guided Help—speeds access to the right information with intuitive, diagnostic-style help to solve complex problems
  • Data adaptors—allow you to create dynamic knowledgebase articles that incorporate data for real-time, personalized responses


  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Increases agent productivity and accuracy
  • Improves compliance and reduces non-compliance penalties
  • Reduces agent errors and rework

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