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Intelligent Voice Portal

Transform your IVR from a "black box" to a customer-focused business asset.

Respond to Your Customers' Needs and Preferences

Provide your customers with personalized, convenient, and consistent interactions, while reducing operational costs.

Leverage Our Flexible, Scalable Platform and Development Tools

Our Intelligent Voice Portal offers:

  • Ease of Use—helps you give your customers the information they need in a timely manner via their preferred channel—voice, telephony, Web, fax, email or mobile device.
  • Continuity—eliminates the need for customers to repeat information when they cross channels or their interactions are interrupted.
  • Visual Mode—enhances the power of speech by presenting service options on a mobile phone screen during a voice conversation.
  • Proactive Service—delivers outbound notifications to customers and offers cross-sell and upsell opportunities via phone, text message or email.
  • Standards Support—leverages industry standards, such as Voice XML, CCXML, Web Services, and State Chart XML, to create sophisticated voice and Visual IVR applications
  • Seamless Integration—provides easy access to customer service solutions, existing business logic, back-end applications, and enterprise-wide customer data repositories to personalize the customer experience and provide seamless transfers from self-service to agents. Support for virtualization enables seamless integration into modern data centers.


Contact Center Managers

  • Gives customers flexibility to choose the most convenient channel and media for each step in a customer service interaction
  • Lets you closely monitor application usage and caller behavior to quickly identify areas for application improvement and enhancement

IT Managers

  • Can be deployed within existing environment and use existing development resources and skill sets
  • Scalable to keep pace with business growth

Development Managers
Includes a portfolio of developer tools that:

  • Reduces development effort duplication through code reuse and extension
  • Eliminates the need for proprietary skill sets
  • Expedites the development of sophisticated applications that require intelligent call routing and CTI

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