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Intelligent Notification Solution

How effective is your proactive customer outreach? We can help you address common challenges and achieve exceptional results.

Show Your Customers You Know Them and Value Their Business

Understand each customer's prior relationship with you, know their preferred language, treat them as if they are important, and even know in advance why they are contacting you.

Reach Out to Your Customers Across Channels

Your customers expect you to know what events make it important enough for you to contact them, their preferred communication channels, calling windows, as well as meeting the same expectations they have for inbound communications.

Our Intelligent Notification Solution allows you to: 

  • Use analytics to understand preferences and contact customers in their preferred channel
  • Escalate attempts to contact customers across channels, including advanced retry logic
  • Blend interactions across channels
  • Trigger outbound notifications based on events in customer accounts
  • Send "Free to End User" text messages
  • Automate throttling of outbound voice calling based on agent availability
  • Use Web-based UI and phone-based UI for client self-service
  • Filter and report on invalid contacts
  • Generate scheduled or real-time reports


  • Increases revenue
  • Significantly reduces the cost of agent-based outbound calls
  • Satisfies growing demand for text as a customer care channel
  • Helps ensure compliance with Federal and State Do Not Call telemarketing legislation
  • Authenticates customer's identity by using automated dialogs to capture account codes and passwords to validate with known customer data


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