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Reduce Repeat Calls

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Address a Critical CX Pain Point

A growing or significant volume of repeat calls is frequently a CX “red flag”. The problem may be worse when caller’s need to check back a third or even fourth time to resolve their issue. Frustration mounts, not just for the customer, but also for agents who are subject to the “previous call baggage” that is introduced within every repeat call.

Convergys Analytics pinpoints repeat call triggers, quantifying customer, product and geographic impact with data driven precision. Potential issues are reviewed without channel boundaries. This helps organizations cross departmental boundaries to uncover CX-impacting evidence such as the influence of directions posted on a website or a marketing promotion on contact center traffic. 


Services and Resources

  • Quantify Repeats

    Identifies the type of repeat calls with granularity. Adds statistical evidence such as the relative impact to NPS scores based on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th repeat call.

  • Chronic Callers

    Zeros in on statistical significant groups of repeat callers for root cause analysis. Delivers an action plan to resolve repeat call triggers.

  • Results Example

    A new call queue created for repeat callers saved $ millions with 310,000 fewer repeat calls each month. A remarkable 60% lift in CSAT metrics was subsequently realized.

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