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Established agent practices are frequently at the root of “institutionalized inefficiency”.   Direction on how to guide customers toward resolution may have worked in the past.   However, changes in customer behaviors or internal policies can make what was previously an efficient call flow now obsolete.  

Convergys Analytics reviews every step of your customer interactions to identify specific areas that would benefit from introduction of a digital channel.   Results include reduction of customer effort, enhanced satisfaction AND improved efficiencies.


Services and Resources

  • Channel Review

    Agent interactions are reviewed in detail through call observation, statistical analysis, and customer feedback correlation. Digital options are offered with CX benefits.

  • Insight to Action

    Convergys CX analysts deliver detailed alternatives for call flow and process change. Analysts work with operations teams to re-structure call flow steps and deliver training.

  • Results Example

    Password Reset – Identified a call flow that eliminated 3-5 steps on the phone. Analysis and A/B testing reduced Average Handle Time (AHT) by 113 seconds with positive CX.

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