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Regulatory & Agent Compliance

Accelerate the disclosure process by enabling non-verbal delivery of disclosure statements and ensure agent adherence to prescribed call handling behaviors.


Protect Your Brand

  • Protect your brand from regulatory non-compliance.
  • Proactively protect against compliance violations.
  • Ensure secure disclosure automation and monitor agent compliance behaviors.

Performing HIPAA validation and disclosures required by other regulations can take a lot of valuable agent time, as well as leave you at risk for non-compliance penalties. Our Regulatory Compliance solution leverages our proven voice portal and desktop robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to provide secure and foolproof disclosure automation. This solution significantly reduces average handle time (AHT) for HIPAA or other regulatory verification, eliminates verification errors, and enhances agent productivity.

Prevent Metrics Manipulation and Other Undesirable Agent Behavior

Nothing is more frustrating to your customers than long hold times, disconnects, invalid transfers, and cancelled interactions. When your agents  try to circumvent your system to manipulate or avoid surveys, avoid calls, or copy sensitive data into notes, they are degrading your customers’ experience and damaging your reputation. Our Agent Compliance Solution uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA), CTI, and our Policy Engine to monitor agent behavior in real time.

When non-compliant behaviors are detected, the system proactively  alerts the agent and provides notifications to management to ensure timely action. Data is also logged so you can watch for trends and opportunities to coach your agents in near real-time. You can configure and turn on or off pop-ups, email recipients, and thresholds, based on your business needs. Agent Compliance also increases FCR, drives CSAT, and reduces costs by preventing repeat offenses. 

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