Our Communities

As a global leader in customer management, we have a responsibility to invest our talent and resources by supporting our communities’ capacity to build a stable, skilled, and healthy society. Our multinational footprint provides an incredible opportunity to reach out to the communities in which we operate. Through our Social Responsibility program, we address issues that are specific to local needs and relevant to our business. We build lasting community partnerships with groups that support the following:

  • Workforce Preparedness – providing education and training to help individuals develop a successful career
  • Health & Wellness – supporting our communities’ access to healthy living
  • Stability – creating opportunity for our communities to live well by addressing the challenges of daily living: child care, shelter, hunger, transportation and financial literacy

We have resources dedicated to the Convergys Community Action Network (CAN). The mission of Convergys CAN is to connect our company’s capabilities with the talents and skills of our colleagues in ways that enhance the quality of life in the communities where we live and work. Each year, funds are allocated to our sites to support our social responsibility platform. We encourage and provide opportunities for volunteerism at all levels of the organization. Convergys CAN supports local programs in every country in which we operate.

To further demonstrate our commitment to Social Responsibility, Convergys voluntarily sought and achieved Verego Social Responsibility Standard Certification. Verego, an independent third party assessor that ensures the effective management of corporate responsibilities initiatives, thoroughly evaluated our operations, physical sites and policies against world renowned standards to award us enterprise wide certification in Leadership, Ethics, People, Community and Environment, a total of 5 out of 5 full certification awards. View our full Social Responsibility Statement here

Our Environment


At Convergys we have undertaken a number of initiatives to minimize the impact our operation has on the environment. We are fully committed to playing our part in the preservation of natural resources and in preventing environmental pollution. Our policy is to carry out our business fully taking into account of the needs of the environment. This includes actions to reduce energy and water consumption, track & minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, ensure paper is used economically and that recycled paper is used wherever it is practical to do so. 

We currently track and report our energy usage and GHG emissions based on electrical output and are committed to showing year over year improvement in the tracking and reporting of our emissions usage and reductions.

In 2017, Convergys participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project and publically reported that the 2016 documented scope 1 Carbon Dioxide emissions for approximately 72% and scope 2 Carbon Dioxide emissions for approximately 91% of Convergys sites globally was a combined 143,045 Metric Tons. 


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