Deliver an Excellent Customer Experience

Customers expect things to go right with your products and services. But when they don't, they want a fast and easy resolution. Sounds simple, but you know that it's incredibly difficult for companies to deliver against those expectations consistently and cost effectively, in the customer's preferred channel.

With Convergys customer management solutions, you can provide excellent, seamless customer experiences across channels while reducing operational costs. Our solutions focus on making it easy to do business with your company — reducing customer effort, increasing satisfaction, and taking costs out of your customer service operations.

  • Customer Service — Deliver a personalized customer experience for everything from problem resolution to billing inquiries and everything in between.
  • Technical Support — Give customers the service they need from people who understand the technology.
  • Back Office — Simplify day-to-day tasks that take your focus off of your business.
  • Outbound Services — Reach out and engage your customers with proactive, outbound services.
  • Sales — Drive revenue with personalized offers and interactions.
  • Collections — Resolve delinquencies while ensuring compliance and building customer loyalty.
  • Relationship Management — Let us nurture and manage your relationships with customers, partners, or employees.
  • Analytics — Understand where breakdowns occur in cross-channel delivery and gain insights into exactly what needs to be fixed, and how to do it.
  • Service Channels — Deliver contextually relevant, personalized service across all of your customers' preferred channels.
  • Home Agent — Gain flexibility, scalability, and quality in meeting agent staffing needs.
  • Customer Interaction Technology — Maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce cost to serve, and increase revenue with solutions designed to address complex customer management needs across the entire customer lifecycle — from acquisition through retention.
  • Convergys Technologies — Boost loyalty and increase revenues with our solutions designed for network operators.