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Convergys Forms Strategic Relationship with Microsoft

February 12, 2010

Launching Convergys Smart Communications Suite powered by Microsoft, the first pre-integrated and pre-configured billing and customer care platform to rapidly deploy and launch new and exciting business and consumer services

(Cincinnati & Barcelona; Mobile World Congress; February 12, 2010) - Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG), a global leader in relationship management, announced today that it is entering into a global strategic relationship with Microsoft Corp., the world’s leading software company, to “change the game” for communications providers and utility companies.

Combining the power of two market leaders, Convergys in customer care and billing and Microsoft in technology innovation, the companies will be delivering the Convergys Smart Communications Suite powered by Microsoft.  Currently under development, the solution will provide a comprehensive next-generation business support system (BSS) that dramatically improves the customer experience.  By combining Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 with the modular business support system capabilities of Convergys, the solution supports a shared vision of enabling service providers to rapidly deliver a wide range of new and differentiated services.

The Convergys Smart Communications Suite is inherently flexible to meet the demands of companies and the growing demands of their customers.  Scalable and interoperable with existing systems and third party applications, as well as with varying deployment models, the solution will offer a compelling alternative to rival billing and CRM platforms.  Its open and well-defined architecture means it can help companies achieve faster-time-to-market for new services with reduced implementation time and automated workflows for most common business processes.  Additionally, the low cost licensing options and maintenance costs associated with the solution can rapidly reduce cost-to-market for new services.

The integration of the highly scalable* Microsoft Dynamics CRM into the Convergys Smart BSS Solutions portfolio will bring the well-known and easy-to-use customer care tools based on Microsoft Office, Outlook, and SharePoint across all service providers’ customer care channels.  Call center agents will benefit from a customer-centric, simplified user interface, helping ensure that they can move customers quickly and intuitively between sales channels and promotions, to deliver the best possible customer service and reduce call-handling times.  A single catalogue that enables easy bundling of new products will help agents with more targeted cross/up-selling opportunities that have a positive impact on the service provider’s revenue, profitability, and churn.

With the inclusion of SQL Server 2008 R2 in the solution, Convergys can offer customers and prospects the best commercial database from a performance and pricing perspective.  Delivering excellence in data compression, partitioning, availability, and encryption at no extra cost, SQL Server will enable communications providers to centralize and manage critical customer information.

"Microsoft's value added services and strong internet delivery platform combined with Convergys' communications-focused billing and customer care provides a unique solution for new entrant and established communications service providers to introduce new services and rapidly gain new revenue," said Larry Goldman, Head of Subscription Research at Analysys Mason.

“We are delighted to be working closely with one of the top vendors in the communications industry to offer a truly flexible billing and CRM platform,” said Austen Mulinder, Corporate Vice President, Communications Sector, Microsoft.  “Our relationship signals greater choice for service providers looking for a more agile, cost-efficient platform that can support the delivery of the next wave of differentiated services.”

“As leading companies in our fields, Microsoft and Convergys have come together to help our customers grow faster and provide a better customer service experience (alleviate communications industry pain points).  Working together, we are providing new capabilities to service providers to launch new services faster, provide superior customer service experiences, and create new or enhance business growth plans at a total cost of ownership that simply can’t be matched,” said Bob Lento, President, Information Management, Convergys.  “The result is a solution that ushers in a new era of affordable innovation and customer-centricity.”

Editor's Note:

*In July 2009, performance results showed Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 scale to more than 50,000 concurrent users and more than 2.9 million daily transactions – all from hardware that cost less than $35,000 or $0.70 per user, reducing hardware costs by nearly 80 percent.  By comparison, an October 2008 performance test for Oracle Siebel Release 8.0 scaled to 14,000 users and 1.6 million daily transactions on Sun hardware that cost more than $150,000.  (Microsoft and Intel Demonstrate New Levels of Power, Price, and Performance with CRM Scalability Benchmark)

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Convergys Smart Communications Suite powered by Microsoft.
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