Join us for great growing opportunities at our Metro Campus! We're currently hiring:

  • Customer Service and Sales Agents: You must have strong communications skills and the ability to help our client's customers with their device questions.

Location: Zona Franca Metropolitana, Barreal de Heredia.

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Get a downtown job with the most innovative facilities at our Rohrmoser site:

  • Financial Services Agent (with up-selling):
    You will be doing sales for a specific financial product. Support would entail providing an account status, or product information.

  • Advanced Technical Support English and/ or Portuguese:
    You will be providing technical support for one of the largest storage companies worldwide.

Location: Rohrmoser Boulevard, Costado Oeste Plaza Mayor.

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Develop your skills through top-notch training for the following positions:

  • Financial Support Agents:
    You will be checking on account balances, disputes, and rates.

  • Internet Connectivity Support Agents:
    You will be helping with connecting computers, routers, modems, among others.

Location: Ultrapark ll, Lagunilla Heredia

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