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Collect and Analyze Customer Feedback
Listen, Interpret, react and Monitor

VOC for a CX Culture

Convergys Analytics' Voice of the Customer is a software and services program that captures customer sentiment via surveys and other sources, analyzes data derived, and identifies insights to support change for those directly engaged with customer and for systems and process throughout an organization.

A key Convergys differentiator is to go beyond simple reporting by delivering a prioritized list action to drive CX change. Convergys then works with managers and frontline employees to make change happen with measurable bottom-line results.

Why VOC for your organization?

  • Identify where your CX is failing or succeeding through the lens of your customers
  • Obtain a holistic perspective of CX across all channels and touchpoints
  • Create a company-wide CX culture by sharing customer sentiment evidence
  • Provide evidence for CX investment
  • Persistently monitor omnichannel customer experience

How Convergys VOC Helps:

Listens - Gathers customer feedback and sentiment

  • Omnichannel Survey plus mining social media, emails, calls, and internal information
  • Reach out with outbound survey calling
  • Cell phone outreach from physically compliant facilities for TCPA confidence.

Interprets - Aggregates collected feedback and analyzes it to gain meaningful feedback.

  • Speech and text analytics applied for automation
  • Statistical modeling to pinpoint root cause with closed loop analysis
  • Predictive analytics

Reacts - Convergys works with employees and their managers

  • Delivers a playbook with prioritized action.
  • Identifies pre (e.g. website) and post interaction (e.g. offers) CX influencers for improvement
  • Works to modify processes, improve technology and/or change policies.

Monitors – Persistent dynamic feedback to measure customer experience

  • Track results of efforts with tools that include a real-time reporting
  • Automatically send alerts when CX are identified in real-time
  • Persistent partnership with regular data driven reviews.


Why Convergys VOC

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